Electronic Statement Agreement

I elect to obtain my Credit Union Statements through Health Care Credit Union’s Online Banking Program. I realize that it will be my responsibility to enter the Online Banking Program to access my account and obtain a copy of my statement. The Credit Union will not produce, nor mail my regular statements to me. The Credit Union will not notify me at the end of each accounting period through any electronic means, by mail, or by any other means that the statement is available. The Credit Union may email me important legal documents, such as the annual privacy policy, as to be in compliance with state and federal regulations.

This agreement shall remain in force until such time as I notify the Credit Union in writing to discontinue this option and return my account to a mail statement status, or until such time as the Credit Union notifies me in writing that statements are no longer available through the Online System, or the Credit Union develops another electronic means of delivering my statements. I understand that by taking this option, I will not receive any inserts combined with the statement mailing. Membership newsletters and other information will be available on the Credit Union’s Website. Annual Membership meeting notification shall be posted on the Credit Union’s Website and will be my official meeting notice as required by law. Health Care Credit Union will never sell your information or share it with third-party vendors. We keep your information safe. Marketing emails will be sent no more than once a month.